Direct Support within the SILEXX OEMS Platform

Within the actual Silexx OEMS platform users have the ability to utilize a built in Help Dropdown Menu with the following features:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Folders
    • Installation and Configuration Folders
  • SILEXX OEMS Website
  • SILEXX OEMS Tutorials
  • SILEXX OEMS Manuals
  • SILEXX OEMS Symbol Reference
  • Update Latest Version

1. Phone Numbers

This option displays execution firm contact information as well as Silexx Support Line.

2. Folders

Provides a menu for easily navigating to the installation folder and the config folder. The config folder holds many of the files used by SILEXX OEMS to store user specific settings, layouts, and connection information.

3. Other Help Menu Support Options

Within Silexx Help features dropdown menu users have the ability to select various support options.

  • Release Notes- Recent release notes for versions of SILEXX OEMS are available here. These notes encompass new features and enhancements that may have been requested by the user community
  • SILEXX OEMS Website- A direct link to the SILEXX OEMS Website
  • SILEXX OEMS Tutorials- A direct link to SILEXX OEMS Tutorials that can be utilized by new users
  • SILEXX OEMS Manuals- A direct link to our online SILEXX OEMS Manual
  • SILEXX OEMS Symbol Reference Guide- A direct link to our SILEXX OEMS Symbol Reference Guide page
  • Update Latest Version- This conducts a check to see if you have the latest version of the SILEXX OEMS, if not an update will automatically run and ensure you are updated to the latest version.

Point of Contact Details


1800 2nd St Suite 955

Sarasota, FL 34236

Phone: +1 (941) 870-9531


Support Email:

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