Symbol Reference Guide

SILEXX OEMS Symbol Reference

1. Cash Settled Indices

SILEXX OEMS Prefix = $ SILEXX OEMS Symbol = Prefix + Index Symbol

Examples of common indices:

Field Description
$DJI DJ 30 Industrials
$DJX 1/100 DJ Industrials
$NDX NASDAQ 100 Index
$OEX S&P 100 Index
$RUT Russell 2000
$SPX S&P 500 Index
$VIX CBOE Volatility Index (S&P500)
$VXN CBOE NASDAQ 100 Volatility Index

The above list is displayed as a reference to commonly traded index securities and is not intended as an exhaustive listing.

2. Futures

  • SILEXX OEMS Prefix = /
  • SILEXX OEMS Symbol = Prefix + Contract Symbol + Month Code + Year Code

Example: /GCZ9 = GOLD (December 2019)

Code Month
F January
G February
H March
J April
K May
M June
N July
Q August
U September
V October
X November
Z December

3. Other Issues

SILEXX OEMS Symbol = Symbol + Suffix

Issue SILEXX OEMS Suffix Example
Class "A" .A AKO.A
Class "B" .B AKO.B
Preferred .PR AA.PR
Preferred Class "A" .PR.A AHL.PR.A
Preferred Class "B" .PR.B AHL.PR.B
Rights .RT MSFT.RT
Warrant .WS BA.WS
When Issued .WI BA.WI

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